Mr.Lee G music

Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Producer. A Fusion of R&B, Hiphop, Afro-beat, Reggae, and Blues.

Mr Lee*G a.k.a Lee G, comes from his given name Leroy Griffith jr. A natural talent with a

lyrical flow that is destined for greatness. His musical roots started in the S.D.A church choir in

Trinidad were he was born. In 1988, he migrated to Brooklyn, New York. He later enrolled in

Julia Richman H.S for performing arts, were he studied Musical theater. Artist like the Isley

Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Jacob Killer Miller and Shabba Ranks, inspired him to write and

perform his own music.

Lee*G’s first feature was in 1993 as a teenager, on the album "Surrender" MK featuring Alana,

"Crazy Crazy", "Precious Jewels" and the ruff mix for "Love Changes" (Charisma Records


In 1995 Mr.Lee*G was featured and appeared in the music video "Let Me Show You" with

female rapper Cherokee (Low Key Records)

In 2001, Mr.Lee*G was featured on Hip Hop artist Master Ace's CD titled " Disposable Arts."

"Every Other Day" and "ENUFF".

In January 2002 Lee G released two 7" singles with Ethiopian taste records, titled "The Healing

of the Nation",and "Believe".

In 2004 Lee G is featured on Master Ace's follow up album "A Long Hot Summer" on "Good Ol


He then went on tour for three months with the Verizon Ladies first tour in 2004, as one of

Beyonce's muscle men. His job was carrying her onto the stage along with three other muscle

men . Also on that tour were Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott and Tamia.

In 2005 he shot his video for the single, "They Wanna Know Who's Lee*G" with director Mat

Donnelly from Montreal, Canada, which was followed by a single produced Ghislain Porier

titled "Dem Nah Like Me" .

The album "Standing" which was released in 2011 had its beginnings in 2008 when Mr. Lee G

went to Trinidad to promote his music and got Shot 3 times.

In 2015 Mr.Lee G links up with Grammy Award winning producer Carl “Chucky”Thompson,

and they created “Healing Time”, and later on in 2017 did the song “Sucka Free”.

In 2018 Mr. Lee G finished his album “ME” and it was released. 2019 was a year dedicated to

promoting the album

In 2020 he stayed at home perfecting his craft, writing and producing a lot of new music.

He collaborated with music producer Rick Sloboda and Philipp Walluks and created a hot dance

track call, “Alive”. He also worked with Springs Alexander and created the lovers rock, “only


Summer 2021 Lee G released his two new single “Alive” and “only you”.

His goal is to make great music for the world.

Mr. Lee G is a talented singer/songwriter, musician, actor, and producer of short films. With a passion for live performances, Mr. Lee G's music is a unique fusion of R&B, Hiphop, Afro-beat, reggae, and blues.

cover tunes

original songs

Mr. Lee G offers a range of services including live performances, songwriting, music production, and acting. With expertise in various genres, Mr. Lee G can bring your creative vision to life.


Mr. Lee G is a true talent. His music is a perfect blend of different genres and his live performances are energetic and captivating.


I've been a fan of Mr. Lee G since his album, "Undeniable Soul". His music always manages to touch my soul. Truly a gifted artist.

Mr. Lee G short films are thought-provoking and beautifully crafted. He has a unique storytelling ability. The green card story, "Get Str8" is my favorite.


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